the issue

Young minorities constantly encounter oppressive systems in their academic, social, financial, corporate endeavors. All around them are remnants of oppressive systems too deep to overcome individually. Therefore, not only are these oppressive systems propagated, but the lack of opportunity, resources, and investment moves from one generation on into the next.


the solution

My Hope Is is a platform for ministry amongst young black men and women seeking to encourage them in

  • Competency
    • Equipping young people with the leadership, relationship, and networking skills to thrive in their academic, political, corporate, and/or personal lives.
  • Character
    • Developing convictions and strengthening the beliefs systems that ultimately determine life decisions.
  • Compassion
    • Practicing expressions of empathy and kindness and learning to extend oneself for the sake of another.
  • Connection
    • Emphasizing the importance of life rooted in a community that cultivates collective and personal growth which is accomplished through one-on-one discipleship and the development of shared life experiences.


the result

The goal of My Hope Is is to raise up a generation of men and women who are equipped to positively affect the world, in their respective career fields.